New normal? None of us knew what that would look like as the conversation started. The leadership team of our church sat around trying to think through and brainstorm what a “new normal” might look like when a return to in-person gatherings would come. That conversation began over 4 months ago and is still ongoing today.

As our church is on the precipice of returning to in-person gatherings in 10 days we are still asking that same question. After 20+ weeks of a strictly online or virtual church experience there remains so much uncertainty and mysterious to what “new normal” will be. We have not found the silver bullet yet and I honestly don’t think there is one. Yet we have realized some truths in the process.

There will be no going back to a pre-pandemic church.

James Emery White

This is not only true of church, but business, marketing, education, and almost every area of life. Expectations have and are changing. So while we may not have it all figured out, I appreciate and agree with James Emery White’s “5 Expectations of the Post-Pandemic Church“. There are a few things that have been truly clarified during this time.

Enjoy the article! I’d love to hear which expectation you thought most insightful (I couldn’t agree more with #4) or which one would you add. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash