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Decision Making

4 Strategies for Combatting Decision Fatigue (03/18/22)

Research has estimated the average person makes more than 35,000 decisions every day. I'm pretty sure my wife makes way more than that, seeing that she is asked between 300-1000 questions each day. No wonder she never knows where she wants to go for dinner when we go on our dates. Maybe you can relate.

Children, School, & Church (02/25/22)

Having had differing educational experiences, my wife and I had many conversations over the years concerning the educational journey of our kids. But in making these decisions we recognize there is another major influence we want in our kids' lives.

Feature Friday (02/15/19)

"That was a bad decision." I have said those words far too often in my life. As a boy, I said it after thinking I could be the one to dive closest to the wall of the pool, only to... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (08/25/17)

He is the wisest guy I have ever heard or read about. In difficult situations he seemed to always have the right answer and solve the problem at hand. People all over the world looked to him for wisdom, insight,... Continue Reading →

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