“That was a bad decision.” I have said those words far too often in my life. As a boy, I said it after thinking I could be the one to dive closest to the wall of the pool, only to find out the wall was closer than I thought. A bloody head and a few stitches later…” that was a bad decision”. As a teenager, I said it after thinking I could take a corner on a backroad in winter faster than the speed limit. After sending a mailbox 50 yards down the road and coming to a stop…” that was a bad decision”. But making a bad decision has not only been relegated to my younger years.

As an adult, I have had plenty of days when I have had to admit to myself and others, “that was a bad decision”. I have had to do it in marriage, fatherhood, and leadership. It is never a fun realization or conversation, but I have tried to say it less and less because I am trying to make fewer and fewer bad decisions. I think anyone readily admits this and every leader desires it.

That is why I loved Aaron Buer’s article “4 Tools for Better Ministry Decisions“. While Aaron writes primarily to a church leader audience, the tools he lists are useful for anyone and everyone. These tools will help you make better decisions as a spouse, parent, co-worker, employee, manager, and leader.

I hope you enjoy the article, put one of these tools into practice and as always enjoy the Lord’s day with the Lord’s people.

Photo by Francisco Gonzalez on Unsplash