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The Universe Demands a Cross (04/07/23)

I've idealized every stage of my life. Idealization is like that...all pomp and circumstance but lacking suffering and consequence. Ideas are great, but life is real.

An Easter Week Devotional (03/31/23)

The entry of one lone man seemed to have been a spectacle. Crowds had formed. Praises were exclaimed. Homes were emptied. Palm branches and robes were laid out.

Empty = Extraordinary

Empty can mean many things, but it is also something extraordinary.

Good Friday (04/10/20)

What makes it so good? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why is this Friday, of all the Fridays in a year, "Good Friday"? What makes it any different than any other Friday? It's just another Friday...or is it?... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/30/18)

Certainty! We all want it. It is needed quite often. Yet it is so elusive. Concrete certainty seems to be a waining reality in our world. Even well-known facts, like the earth being round, are yet again under attack and... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (4/14/17)

It's the most important Sunday of the year. The greatest reason for rejoicing as a believer in Jesus Christ. The single most important remembrance and reality for all Christians of all times in all places. Easter! The celebratory day in... Continue Reading →

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