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Progressive Christians (08/05/22)

But whenever you or they bring up a certain topic, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your palms begin to get sweaty and you feel your heart rate rise ever so slightly. This all strikes you as strange since you genuinely enjoy this person's company and truly love them. So why do these areas of conversation cause a physiological response?

Would Your Church Get an “F”? (03/11/22)

I'd love to say the above story was from my life, but it's not. I learned of this interaction from a volunteer leader at our church. It was an interaction he had had within the last month and would have known nothing about it had he not told me. But that was the exciting part for me...

The Folly of Looking for Community

The realization my son made that day concerning LEGO's is exactly what so many believe to be true about community...

Get to Know People (Feature Friday 09/06/19)

Being a friend is inconvenient, takes time, and is often difficult. It was true of friendships when I was 9 years old and wanted to play baseball, but my friends wanted to ride bikes. It was especially true in college... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (05/31/19)

Friendships are a strange thing. Some come and go. Others come and never go. While others never really develop. Each friendship is unique to the individuals who make it up and the experiences they share. Each friendship begins differently. I... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (09/15/17)

It was an awesome experience. I had just left a group where I was so encouraged that I could not stop asking myself, "why did I enjoy my time with that group so much?" The more I thought about it... Continue Reading →

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