We all have those people in our lives. You know the kind. It’s the ones that are great to hang out with and enjoy social settings, or experiences together. They can be the life of the party or the quiet reflective type. They may be the person you’d go see almost any movie with. This type of person is one who you’d be comfortable calling your friend. They may even go to your church with you. But there are parts of the relationship that make it difficult.

While you enjoy time together, you both tend to avoid certain subjects or topics of discussion. You can talk about sports, daily news, and even politics to a degree, and all is well. But whenever you or they bring up an area of theology or faith the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your palms begin to get sweaty and you feel your heart rate rise ever so slightly. This all strikes you as strange since you genuinely enjoy this person’s company and truly love them. So why do these areas of conversation cause a physiological response? It comes down to how you view and what you believe about doctrine.

Jesus viewed the Scriptures as the final deciding voice on a matter, repeatedly answering the Pharisees and even Satan himself with the words, “It is written.”

Colton Hinson

Christianity is a funny thing. It has grown to be a huge umbrella term that encapsulates theological viewpoints across a very wide spectrum. Labels are being created, disavowed, reimagined, and owned all across the map. While Christianity is truly a wide spectrum of people under one banner (Jesus), the reality is sometimes that banner is stretched far more than Jesus may approve. This is essentially what Colton Hinson is getting at in his article “Progressive Christians: Where and How They Differ with Jesus“. Check it out:

I really appreciated Colton’s opening paragraph and tone throughout the article. This was not just another “angry rant at people I disagree with”. Hinson writes from a place of love and relationship with the very people about whom he is writing. What do you think? Does Colton do justice to his “progressive” friends? Where does he miss the mark?

As always I’d love to hear from my readers. I’d also like to encourage you to be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

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Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash