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Just Because I’m Religious, Doesn’t Mean I’m Superstitious (03/17/23)

Having played college baseball, I've witnessed a few ridiculous superstitions. It's funny how guys could wear the same socks without washing them for weeks on end believing that was what ensured their hitting streak would continue. I don't know if it worked or not, but I know how it smelled!

That’s Just Your Interpretation (09/02/2022)

Seeing differing perspectives is the point of optical illusions. There are a number of ways you can view the pictures. However, too many people tend to view all of life the way we view optical illusions. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the Bible.

What If God Doesn’t Speak to me? (04/01/22)

Ever have that feeling? Blissfully rolling down the road confident in where you are going and that you are on the right path, only to be stopped in your tracks uncertain of what to do next, waiting on the next directive.

Feature Friday (9/16/16)

Years ago I learned a simple method for studying the Bible. Almost immediately I began to implement this method for my own personal time in God's Word. It would be only a short year or two after first hearing about... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (1/30/15)

I am currently teaching a series entitled The Book. As you may guess this is a series all about God's Word, the Bible. In the class, we are looking at what the book contains, how we got it, can we... Continue Reading →

Social Media: How it Affects us (Self) Social Media affects everything. It is everywhere in our world: at home, at the store, at school, at restaurants, at work, and in our pockets. Social media is with us and around us all the time. The truth is…IT... Continue Reading →

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