I was on my way home the other day after stopping at another person’s home to drop something off. Because I was unfamiliar with the exact route I should take home I entered my address in Google maps and began my journey. I drove, enjoying a podcast, with the occasional interruption from Google telling me to “turn left in a quarter mile” or “continue straight for 1.3 miles”. I came to a stop sign and had to make either a right or left-hand turn. That’s when it happened (or didn’t I should say). Google had gone silent. No notification. No direct command on where to turn. Nothing. Sheer silence. It was unsettling at first. Uncertainty paralyzed me at that moment.

Ever have that feeling? Blissfully rolling down the road confident in where you are going and that you are on the right path, only to be stopped in your tracks uncertain of what to do next, waiting on the next directive. You’ve likely experienced that or something similar when driving, but what about in the circumstances of life? The unexpected job transition. Or the death of a loved one. Possibly just the mundane routine of life is interrupted and you are left unsure of what to do next. A simple directive would be nice. A clear command or instruction would prove invaluable. Maybe you’ve even told God, “I’m ready to listen, speak to me”.

“God doesn’t love you any less, and you don’t need to listen for a whisper or wait on abstract nudges from God.”

Lara d’Entremont

What happens when you are poised and ready for God to speak, eager with great anticipation like a 3-year-old awaiting their parent’s arrival home after a long absence, but all you hear is silence? How do you respond to deafening silence after pleading with God to utter something…anything? The seeming silence of God is a much more difficult issue than missing a directional command on your way home. So what is one to do? Lara d’Entremont addresses her own wrestling this experience in “What If God Doesn’t Speak to Me?“. She is open, honest, transparent, and so helpful in the article.

Quiet can be a very good thing (trust me with 5 kids running around our home, silence is something I often crave). But noiselessness, when craving direction or interaction, feels like abandonment. That is one reason I truly appreciated Lara’s article. Whether you agree entirely with her conclusions or not, her comforting encouragement and truthful reminder is a needed salve to a parched soul. Despite what season you are in, beliefs you hold, or past you’ve experienced remember…God has spoken to you and is ready to do so today. Will you hear?

As always, I’d love to hear from my readers. Disagree? Great, reach out to me and we can dialogue as I know I am in constant need of adjustment. Need encouragement? I’d love to listen, learn, and pray for or with you. Don’t forget to be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Until Next Time…

Photo by Isaac Mehegan on Unsplash