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Memorial Day Weekend (05/30/21)

Remember. It's what this weekend is all about. Remembering people like my grandpa and uncles who gave their time, energy and risked their lives to establish and preserve some of the freedoms we enjoy today. But Memorial Day points us to a greater reality to remember.

Feature Friday (12/22/17)

Merry Christmas from myself and my family! I hope that you will find this weekend and this Christmas a refreshing, refocusing, and rejuvenating one. As many of you know my greatest joy and passion is to make Jesus known through... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/27/15)

(Image from: With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas in the windshield, the holiday season is in full swing. However, there are many people around the world that this holiday season will be anything but a cause for celebration. From... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (12/13/13)

Crazy Busy! Are those words among the first to cross your mind when someone asks, "How are you?" Especially at this time of year we all seem a little "crazy busy". If that sounds like you, the book "Crazy Busy"... Continue Reading →

50 Reasons for Giving Thanks (part 2)

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away it is time to finish up the 50 Reasons for Giving Thanks. Last time I gave 25 reasons that I am thankful for this year. Today, one day late from my normal Monday post... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/1/13)

With the holiday season upon us, there is much that will be taking place in our lives: shopping, traveling, seeing family, eating (probably too much), and many others. But in all of these activities we much never lose sight of... Continue Reading →

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