Summer is almost here. I can taste it. My kids finish up school this week. No more lunches to pack, assignment notebooks to sign, and we can all sleep in some. Ok, well that last one is probably not going to happen with my kids, but a dad can hope right? But summer is just around the corner and this weekend is the annual calendar reminder for us in the U.S. Memorial Day seems to have become the weekend the Spring suddenly becomes Summer.  

I remember many things about Memorial Days of years gone by. Growing up in a small town, each year the local high school band participated in a parade that ended in the cemetery up the street from my house. My family and I would head up there to celebrate, participate, and remember. The band and crowd would gather at a central location in the cemetery where the musicians would play a few songs, commencing in taps. Then there would be a 21 gun salute. I remember many of those parades vividly.

“How do you enjoy Memorial Day?”

Remember. It’s what this weekend is all about. Remembering people like my grandpa and uncles who gave their time, energy and risked their lives to establish and preserve some of the freedoms we enjoy today. But Memorial Day points us to a greater reality to remember. There was another person who gave up their time, energy and life to establish and offer us greater freedom. Jesus Christ willingly did those things so that all who believe in Him can freely enjoy eternal life. 

As you celebrate and remember this Memorial Day, don’t stop at remembering and celebrating our freedom as Americans, but use it as a time to reflect and rejoice in our freedom from sin in Jesus.  And in case you are not yet sure what you will do or how best to enjoy the 3 day weekend, here are some ideas. The cool thing about where my family and I live, #6 doesn’t have to be virtual for us…

So how are you planning to spend your memorial day weekend this year? I’d love to hear new ideas. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day.

Until Next Time…

Photo by Blessing Ri on Unsplash