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Productivity without Burnout (01/20/23)

I was two years into my career and wanted to become more effective and use my time more wisely. So I picked up a book, read it, and began implementing some productivity practices in my life. But there is a danger in pursuing productivity.

Friction: The Hidden Force Holding You Back (10/28/22)

It seemed odd to me because I like to be moving at the rate of traffic, but the engine seemed to be running harder than usual but going slower than it should. It was as if my car was having to run harder than others on the road to move at a slower speed.

Why They’re Not Coming Back (10/14/22)

Gasoline was my accelerant of choice that day. And it didn't take much. A small cup of gas, another match, and the same pile of wood, and the fire was blazing in just a few moments. That day I learned a valuable lesson, accelerants simply increase the speed in the direction in which something was already heading.

What Type of Leader Are You? Organizational Or Relational

Four years ago when I was going through the interview process for my current role, I was asked that exact question. "How do you lead others?"

3 Signs You’re A Lawnmower Parent (06/24/22)

Tools are meant to make certain tasks easier. Whether it is a hammer for driving in a nail or tweezers for getting out a splinter, tools are designed to make us more effective. Tools make tasks easier, but used incorrectly they can cause a lot of damage.

4 Strategies for Combatting Decision Fatigue (03/18/22)

Research has estimated the average person makes more than 35,000 decisions every day. I'm pretty sure my wife makes way more than that, seeing that she is asked between 300-1000 questions each day. No wonder she never knows where she wants to go for dinner when we go on our dates. Maybe you can relate.

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