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3 Signs You’re A Lawnmower Parent (06/24/22)

Tools are meant to make certain tasks easier. Whether it is a hammer for driving in a nail or tweezers for getting out a splinter, tools are designed to make us more effective. Tools make tasks easier, but used incorrectly they can cause a lot of damage.

4 Strategies for Combatting Decision Fatigue (03/18/22)

Research has estimated the average person makes more than 35,000 decisions every day. I'm pretty sure my wife makes way more than that, seeing that she is asked between 300-1000 questions each day. No wonder she never knows where she wants to go for dinner when we go on our dates. Maybe you can relate.

Beware the Deadly Weed of Cynicism (02/18/22)

I hate weeds. I despise that they exist. I loathe pulling them. I abhor anything to do with them. They replicate faster than rabbits. They spread quicker than wildfire. Everything about weeds is despicable, which is why weeds are a great analogy to...

Silence is Not Violence (02/04/2022)

Recognizing the voices in heated debate as two of my children, I quickly realized I had just walked into the middle of another sibling's argument over some injustice that had taken place. The problem was they immediately wanted me to be the judge, jury, and executioner.

Helping Kids Build a Healthy Body Image (01/21/22)

This transition from activity to identity is so subtle and often subconscious. With kids, they often are unaware of the distinction between what I do and who I am.

New Year’s Resolutions (01/14/22)

A few years back I sought to rejuvenate my goal setting. I tried to just rehash my old goals, but that didn't work so I turned to some experts to find help.

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