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8 Ways to Lead in the New Digital Church

2020 has been a decision fatigue inducer. Since March of this year, every decision I have made has immediately created more issues needing solutions...

Leaders and 3 Types of Stress

I collapsed on the couch. My wife and I had just gotten our 5 young children to bed and I was exhausted. This is a routine that is not abnormal for my nights when I am at home. But this evening was different. It was a stress that I was unfamiliar with.

The Original 2020 is History

6 months. 185 days. 4,440 hours. This is how long we have been in the "new normal" also known as 2020 since COVID hit. Speaking honestly, this has lasted way longer than I ever expected...

Urban Meyer, Oswald Sanders, and the Pain Leadership Can Bring Your Family

Anyone who knows me realizes my borderline obsession with all things Ohio State. I grew up in the Buckeye state. I cut my teeth watching Ohio State University football games...

5 Expectations of the Post-Pandemic Church

New normal? None of us knew what that would look like as the conversation started...

5 Ways to Shape the Culture (Feature Friday 07/17/20)

Have you ever tried to nail jello to a wall? Probably not! You'd simply put a hole in your wall and have a pile of jello on the floor. But that is the funny thing about jello, even though you can't exactly "nail it down" it still has some unique properties in and of itself. Culture is like jello!

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