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5 Expectations of the Post-Pandemic Church

New normal? None of us knew what that would look like as the conversation started...

5 Ways to Shape the Culture (Feature Friday 07/17/20)

Have you ever tried to nail jello to a wall? Probably not! You'd simply put a hole in your wall and have a pile of jello on the floor. But that is the funny thing about jello, even though you can't exactly "nail it down" it still has some unique properties in and of itself. Culture is like jello!

You Can’t Follow Fear (Feature Friday 06/19/20)

It is a constant threat and motivator for so many people, myself at the top of the list. It can be a liability or a liberator. It can hurt or help healthy decisions. It can incapacitate or empower a leader.

3 Easy Ways to Know the Quality of Your Leadership (05/15/20)

How are you doing? It is a simple question. One that causes pause, reflection, and response. To stop and ponder how you are doing requires at least a subtle hint of assessment and evaluation. To truly understand how you are doing, means you have to know...

I’ve Got Nothing, People (Feature Friday 03/27/20)

It's been a whirlwind of events and changes the past 2 weeks. Where I live (Maryland), things went from manageable to strange to downright unexpected. And that was just the first week. In the past 5 days, non-essential businesses have... Continue Reading →

How to Lead Through Rapid Change (Feature Friday 03/20/20)

Leaders have had to not only manage themselves and their own families, they have had the unprecedented battle of leading others through this rapidly changing time. The question has and may very well continue to be...

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