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Disciple Making is EVERYTHING the Church Does (07/08/21)

While many Christians, churches, and even pastors may agree with this statement, what is meant by it varies greatly. More evangelistic people, churches, and pastors interpret that as "we must reach the lost, that is the mission of the church". More maturity focused people, churches and pastors may see that statement and read "we must make sure people know their doctrine, Bible, and how to defend their faith, that is the mission of the church". However, I think both of those are aspects of not the actual purpose of the church.

Feature Friday (11/17/17)

"We have to move." I remember telling my wife this right after getting off the phone with our landlord. We had been renting this townhouse for the past year and now it was forced upon us to move out. The... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/27/14)

Home sweet home. Sorry I have been on a hiatus from blogging. I was on a mission trip out of the country; more to come on that soon. But for now, enjoy this short illustration on "Why would you want to be... Continue Reading →

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