“We have to move.” I remember telling my wife this right after getting off the phone with our landlord. We had been renting this townhouse for the past year and now it was forced upon us to move out. The city we lived in was engineering a new road that would cross right over our current home. They offered the landlord a nice buyout and we were the recipients of an early evacuation notice. But there was an upside to all of this.

We now had the joy and privilege of choosing what part of town we would love in next. And there were many factors to consider: distance to shopping and grocery stores, the safety of the neighborhood, crime rates, and the list went on and on. But there was one factor we did not give much thought to at first but I believe should be a high priority when choosing where to live. Which is where this weeks article comes in handy.

Bryan Ellis shares: The Church Commute: Why Where You Live Matters. I believe how close you live to your church is an important factor when deciding where to put down roots.

Enjoy Bryan’s article and as always be with Thebes Lord’s people on Thebes Lord’s day!

Photo by Brandon Jacoby on Unsplash