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Feature Friday (4/15/16)

Driving in my car. Getting my shower. Around the house. Randomly in my office at work. And occasionally in public. What do all of these have in common? It is where I and most likely you can be found singing... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/6/15)

I love my church. I love the interaction that goes on. I love the joking that goes on. I love the teaching. I love the people. And yes, I love the music. But no it is not because the music... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/9/15)

Music! Everyone likes music. Whether it is country, pop, hip-hop, rock and roll, or bluegrass. Music gives rhythm to rhymes, emotion to language, and expression to intention. There is little that can unify a diverse group than music. However, the... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/24/14)

Rivalries...we all love them, but at the same time we all hate them. They make sports games better, individuals more driven, and life more interesting. The beauty of rivalries, I believe, is the best they bring out of both teams.... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/8/13)

"If you’re listening to Christian radio in search of new congregational music, we think you should look elsewhere. Here are three reasons why:" Stop listening for new worship songs on the radio! As always, be with the Lord's people on the... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (7/19/13)

Are you into movies? How about music? Do you watch TV, say sports? Are you up to date on your current events? Are you a Christian or interested in topics of a Christian nature? Well, do I have a site... Continue Reading →

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