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How to Pray for Unbelieving Family Members (01/31/20)

The holidays are wonderful times. We see family we don't always see. We eat way too much food. And we have time away from the routine that can be refreshing. However, for me, there is a reality I face every... Continue Reading →

Prayer Is Hard (Feature Friday 08/09/19)

I know that it is good for me. It has proven fruitful and helpful in times past. There have even been occasions where I saw immediate results. And yet when it comes to prayer and being consistent in prayer, it's... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (1/27/17)

I rolled into bed, exhausted from another full day of work, honey do-list, playing with, bathing, putting kids to bed, and preparing for the next day. Just a quick "goodnight, I love you" to my wife and I was fast... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/24/16)

"Read your Bible, pray everyday and you'll...grow...grow...grow..." If you grew up in the church or around a Christian influence you are probably familiar with this song. It seems oversimplified. And to one degree it is. The Christian life is not... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/28/15)

Confession time, I struggle with busyness. I am told often that I am too busy. My wife tells me. My co-workers tell me. My family tells me. My own conscience tells me. While I know being busy is not equal... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/26/15)

Ever since I got married, I was looking forward to the opportunity and privilege it would be to be a dad. I wanted to teach my boys how to throw balls, dig in the dirt (although they seem to learn... Continue Reading →

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