I rolled into bed, exhausted from another full day of work, honey do-list, playing with, bathing, putting kids to bed, and preparing for the next day. Just a quick “goodnight, I love you” to my wife and I was fast asleep. Oh how things have changed.

We used to crawl into bed and chat about our days for at least 30 minutes. But then came the greatest part…we would finish our day by praying with and for one another. I would lead my wife in prayer for our marriage, our family, and our ministries. It was a great time and an awesome rhythm, but life just seemed to happen and those intentional prayer times with and for each other are fewer and farther between.

Maybe you are in the same situation. You used to pray together as a couple every night. Or maybe you have never prayed together every night as a couple. Either way, there is no time like the present to restart or start this discipline. But how? Well, you’re in luck.

Starting on Monday January 30th you can begin a new 31 day challenge of praying with your spouse. Head on over to Mike Leake’s Pray with Your Spouse 31 Day Challenge and check out the steps to get in on this much needed discipline. During the 31 day period you will find a Focus, Accountability, Challenge, and Encouragement. So head on over to the 31 Day Pray with your Spouse Challenge and follow the steps to get started.

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!