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Feature Friday (4/1/16)

Happy April Fool's Day! A day when numerous pranks and jokes will take place. A day when the fool could be the one pranked or in the case of a failed prank, the prankster. This day is intended to make... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/7/15)

Having a son who is growing up way too fast, priorities are quickly becoming a major discussion point in our home. Specifically, my wife and I are discussing what we will prioritize as a family and how to teach our... Continue Reading →

Monday Special: Just Too Busy

"We can feel reassured by busyness and strangely comforted by it, even as it saps us of all strength and keeps us from feeling as if we are succeeding at even one of our¬†responsibilities."¬†Ever feel so busy you cannot get... Continue Reading →

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