Happy April Fool’s Day! A day when numerous pranks and jokes will take place. A day when the fool could be the one pranked or in the case of a failed prank, the prankster. This day is intended to make a fool out of someone. My hope is that I am not the fool, but in recent years there are a few other important people in my life I do not want to be fools either…my children. How can I do that? What must be done by me for my kids not to turn out foolish?

While there is no “fool proof” system or process there are principles that can guide and direct our parenting. I appreciate the list that Tim Challies has made: “10 Lessons on Parenting Little Ones“. As a parent of two kids ages 3 and under, these lessons are a challenge ¬†(see #7) and encouragement (see #8) to me. I pray these will encourage and challenge you as well.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day!