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Productivity without Burnout (01/20/23)

I was two years into my career and wanted to become more effective and use my time more wisely. So I picked up a book, read it, and began implementing some productivity practices in my life. But there is a danger in pursuing productivity.

How To Stop Being Afraid of People (05/21/21)

Fear. Productivity practically demands you face various types of fears each and every day. It might be the fear of imperfection. There is that project you have avoided because you are afraid it won't turn out perfectly. The fear of incompetence is another. You delay writing that paper due to a lack of ignorance of the subject. But there is another fear I have found in my own heart that often ruins my productivity.

How to Raise Distraction Free Kids

I am not trying to say technology and diets play no part in the distracted reality of our current culture. What I am saying is: I think we need to question the root causes and needs of which distraction is a symptom.

Social Media: How it affects us (Time) Social Media affects everything. It is everywhere in our world: at home, at the store, at school, at restaurants, at work, and in our pockets. Social media is with us and around us all the time. The truth is…IT... Continue Reading →

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