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Feature Friday (7/14/17)

Vacation! Having just enjoyed our annual week of family vacation let me tell you; sometimes it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. The kids still wake up early in the morning like they always do. They actually wake up more at night because of it being a new environment. Our daily routine is out of whack, which for the first few days of vacation can be irritating. And then there is the ever intruding work stuff that somehow follows me on vacation.

Whatever happen to time with family? Time with friends. Time at the beach or in the woods. Time to rest. Time to relax. Whatever happened to a real, genuine vacation? While I could get irritated, upset, even angry at others, work, and the weather, truth is most of the time I am to blame. Reality is: when I don’t relax, rest, and rejuvenate on vacation it’s mostly my fault. So what can I do about it?

Tommy Bowman steps in to help us out. In this week’s article he addresses 4 Ways You Aren’t Disconnecting on Vacation. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day and check out the tips for a better vacation.

Feature Friday (07/07/17)

Summer is here, which means slower pace of life, vacation, and hopefully some needed R&R for many of us. While summer may not slow down at work or home, the reality is with vacations and summer break from school, it tends to be a less busy and active time of the year. This is unfortunately the case for many churches. So what is a church leader to do?

Charley Reeb gives 6 Ways to Keep Your Church Faithful During the Summer. “Don’t settle for a lazy summer church! Here are six things you can do to keep giving and attendance strong during the summer.” Check out the six suggestions and as a starter, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Feature Friday (06/09/17)

Vacation. Sleep in. More time with the family. Go to an amusement park. Head to the beach. All of these are typical answers I receive when asking the question: what are you doing this summer? As a leader summer can be a time for some extra rest and relaxation, but it must not be a time to totally check out. Summer can be a great time to advance your organization, team, and self.

Tommy Bowman has a great article encouraging leaders to manage their summers well. So here are “3 Ways to Steward Your Summer Well“. Enjoy the read and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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