The school year is over, finally, thank goodness. The spring semester of 2020 was the strangest school experience ever. College students weren’t sent home early. Pre-schools just shut down. Every single grade school student became a homeschooler overnight. And I haven’t even mentioned the number of parents who became teachers just as quickly. Needless to say, one thing we are all ready for is…vacation.

According to, vacation is “a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday”. I don’t know about you, but rest, recreation and recess all sound fantastic to me after the last 3+ months. I am looking forward to a visit to a lake area later this summer. I can’t wait to go hiking. To relax on the hammock. To enjoy a cool breeze by the campfire overlooking the lake as the sunsets. But there is one reality that may prohibit me from enjoying all of that during our vacation…young children.

…vacation with little kids is like an away game.

Sarah Anderson

The truth is vacation with young children still has some elements of rest, recreation, and recess, but not nearly like vacation before the kids came along. So why do it, you ask. Why continue to put ourselves through the hardship of packing up the van, for 5-6 days away just to return with sunburns, rashes, and utterly exhausted?

Sarah Anderson had a great reason and reminder for me as to why we do vacations, even with all 5 of our young kids (whom are 7 and under). She gives 1 great answer to the question “Is Vacation Really Vacation When You Have Kids?” If you have kids and are planning a vacation this summer, this is a must read. If you will be joining someone on vacation who has kids, this is a must read. If you ever think you may vacation with kids, this is a must read.

Encourage someone with the article today. Enjoy reading it yourself, and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day. What other reasons would you include as to why vacation is worth it, even if you have kids?