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Friction: The Hidden Force Holding You Back (10/28/22)

It seemed odd to me because I like to be moving at the rate of traffic, but the engine seemed to be running harder than usual but going slower than it should. It was as if my car was having to run harder than others on the road to move at a slower speed.

What Type of Leader Are You? Organizational Or Relational

Four years ago when I was going through the interview process for my current role, I was asked that exact question. "How do you lead others?"

A Job Well Done (Feature Friday 08/30/19)

It has been over 3 years, but I still remember it like yesterday. I had flown to Dallas, TX for a week-long intensive class I needed while pursuing my master's degree. Work had been crazy leading up to that week... Continue Reading →

Getting Outside of Me

More Important than Getting Things Done Donny. Just another name, another face, another person in the endless sea of faces (as the band Kutless once put it in a song title) someone may interact with everyday. However, Donny taught Tony... Continue Reading →

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