Four years ago when I was going through the interview process for my current role, I was asked that exact question. “How do you lead others?” The question was posed to gain an understanding of my leadership style. The interviewers were trying to determine if I would be a good fit not only on the current staff team, but for the overall culture of the church. They were asking essential questions. Questions I thought were vital to know about myself and to answer clearly and honestly.

My response to the inquiry was simple: “I’m a relational leader”. By this, I meant I loved leading others in relationships. I want to know the people I lead. I want to know what is going on in their lives, what are their struggles, and how I can better encourage and develop them. In my thinking, relationship undergirds leadership. The better my relationship with someone the better I can lead them.

Your problem (and mine) happens when a relational leader tries to fill the role of an organizational leader.

Carey Nieuwhof

I still believe in relational leadership. And I still believe I’m relational by nature. However, I am wrestling with the reality that the answer I gave during my interview was not as honest or as self-aware as I thought 4 years ago. While there are all kinds of leadership styles, Carey Nieuwhof defines and compares relational leaders with organizational leaders in his article “10 Ways to Tell if You Are An Organizational Or Relational Leader“.

Today, I think I may be more of an organizational leader. Honestly, I’m not sure I like that because I love relationships. But the 3rd characteristic Carey points out about organizational leaders was really helpful to me. What about you? Do you think you’re more of a relational or organizational leader? What characteristic stood out to you about your leadership style?

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