Mailing7Just a few weeks ago, my wife bought an early Christmas present for the kids in hopes of keeping it until Christmas to give to them. However, when our 2 year old son saw the box his curiosity could not contain the excitement and he repeatedly requested to open and find out what was in the box. But the gift had put in a box and that was where it was to stay for the time being. Our 2 year old did not like it, I was not fond of the idea of keeping it in the box for 6 months, but that was where the gift was to remain. Truth is none of us like being put in boxes. And I think God Himself would say He does not like being put in boxes, with the exception of one type of box. Enjoy this article exhorting us “Don’t Put God in a Box“.

Have a great weekend and be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day!