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Drifting out at sea. Seemingly lost. Without a reference point for where I have come from or where I am going. It seems like an aimless journey.

No I have never been lost at sea, and hopefully never will. But these are some of the feelings I recognize within my own soul when something has gone missing. They are also indicators of what the church may be without its core, foundational reference point…God’s Word.

This article answers the questions: “What do you have in this church without the Word? You may have people, a building, activities, and even some relatively good things. However, you don’t have the church. The ministry of the Word of God is essential to the life of the church. Without the Word in the church it is reduced to something like a spiritual country club.”

Enjoy “The Church Needs the Bible” and enjoy the at least part of your weekend with the Lord’s people (the Church) on the Lord’s Day.