Friday night ball game. Saturday morning practice. Saturday afternoon shopping trip. Weekend trip to the movies. Sunday travel team game. Not too mention the routine of homework, chores, and the honey-do list that seems to always be growing. The weekends can be just as full if not more busy than the normal work week.

“We live in such a swirlingly busy age with countless distractions and endless entertainments and overly-busy schedules. How easily and how quickly it can be that the gathering together with the people of God in your local assembly can be missed one week because of a scheduling conflict. And then it becomes easier the next week. And the next. And so on…FIGHT and make it a priority to attend your local church on a weekly basis.”

That is the basis of this week’s Feature Friday article. In it you will find 7 practical reasons to fight and make weekly local church attendance a priority in your already busy schedule.

Enjoy and as always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!