It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas! Every year, after the turkey has been stuffed, cooked, eaten, and enjoyed there seems to be a week or so of a lull before the December litany of scheduled events ensues. It was during that week of a lull that my wife and I discussed how we would ensure that our family would not get sucked into a hectic schedule of preparing for and attending one event after the other. Our conclusion? Reading an advent together. Now the question was which one?

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to advents out there. Simply Google “Christmas Advent” and over 9 million results are at your fingertips. So how does one choose an advent with so many options? While there may not be a correct answer (honestly, doing something to keep focused on the reason for Christmas is better than doing nothing), a great solution and resource we found and have loved thus far is Paul David Tripp’s “Come, Let Us Adore Him“.

It is a daily advent devotional that challenges the most mature Christian to refocus and remember the One who truly is at the center of the Christmas story as well as engaging young children by having a discussion question for each day. While we have not read it every day so far in December, the days we have sat down together and been reminded of the Christ child, it has been a joy and much-needed encouragement.

So if you need some help remaining focused on the Christ of Christmas over the next 3 weeks or simply a daily encouragement, make sure to grab a copy of “Come, Let Us Adore Him“. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.