Influence. We all have it to some degree. Whether it is just with our family, or our friends, or a larger span, the truth is we all influence others. And as John Maxwell has stated well, “Leadership is influence”. So in every situation of life that you have influence, you are a leader.

For me, that means I am a leader in my family. I am a leader in my social networks. I am a leader at work. And I am a leader at church. It is this last realm that so often seems convoluted and blurred when it comes to leadership principles. Are church leadership principles just like business leadership principles? Are church leaders only held to biblical standards? Where is the balance?

In steps Paul Sohn to give us ample direction and guidance. In his article “The 4 C’s of Christian Leadership” Paul gives us a great framework to work from as Christan leaders and as those who may be looking for leadership skills in others.

Check out the article, and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.