“It needs to have a name”. This was a statement recently made by a co-worker of mine in a conversation about some new initiative we were discussing. He went on to talk about how naming things is important and will help others see the importance and value of the initiative. I could not agree more.

Naming is important. So important my wife and I have spent countless hours deciding the names of each of our four children. Naming is important because behind every name is a meaning. Behind every word we use lays a world of meaning. The problem is in today’s world that meaning changes not with the word, but with the one who uses the word. It’s called assigned meaning and Tom Pattison writes an amazing article discussing “Assigned Meaning vs. Inherent Meaning“.

I think you will be encouraged and challenged by the issues and discussion Tom leads you on in his article. Check it out. And as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!