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A Sin By Any Other Name (11/04/22)

Shortly into the meal, one of my teammates got up announced he was going to get some more soda, and asked if anyone else wanted anything. It struck me like a foreign language..."soda"? What is that? When my buddy returned I asked him what "soda" was. He (and most of the others at the table) stared at me like I was an idiot. That is when I realized, what most people call "soda" I refer to as "pop".

What Every Son Needs to Hear From His Father (10/22/21)

Research tells us that we hear somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 words every day. That is the equivalent to listening to Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" or George Orwell's "Animal Farm" on audiobook.

Catch Them Doing It Right (Feature Friday 07/24/20)

"Say 'no' when you must, but 'yes' when you can". This is a statement I have found myself thinking numerous times the last few months. Usually, the thought comes to mind after I have said no, either repeatedly or harshly...

Planting Seeds of Truth for Your Kids (Feature Friday 01/24/20)

The last thing I saw was a beaming smile as he strolled into his school. The next time I saw him was with head low and tear-filled eyes. What happened? One word...

How to Be an Intentional Parent with Your Words (Feature Friday 11/22/19)

I am excited! This weekend I get the privilege to retreat for a 24 hour period with other guys from my church. We will worship together, laugh together, eat together, and be challenged from God's Word together. But I am... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (08/31/18)

"It needs to have a name". This was a statement recently made by a co-worker of mine in a conversation about some new initiative we were discussing. He went on to talk about how naming things is important and will... Continue Reading →

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