Too much to do and too little time. Ever feel like that? I do almost every day. I get to the end of my day and my task list still has multiple things on it that just didn’t seem to get done. So what do I do? Something I think a lot of us do…

I simply move the tasks back a day. I tell myself I will get to it tomorrow. I encourage myself by saying things like, “I won’t have as many interruptions tomorrow”, or “I will be more disciplined to get those tasks done tomorrow”. But the reality is tomorrow turns out to be very similar to today and I am again stuck with multiple tasks at the end of the day that just did not get done. So what can I do?

I (and you) can do exactly what great leaders have been doing for ages…delegate. Delegation is one of the top five practices (or disciplines) every great leader must learn to do more regularly. Tommy Bowman shares 5 Levels of Effective Delegation for leaders of all sorts to think through and utilize. So instead of getting to the end of today and not getting things done, why don’t we try one of these levels of delegation and see what happens?

As always enjoy the article and be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!