Parenting is difficult. There are pressures from within and pressures from without. My own insecurities show up daily in how and why I interact with my kids the way I do. One of those difficulties is an internal desire to have my kids (all of them) like everything we do as a family or they do as individuals. That’s because I am a peacemaker at heart.

The problem with being a peacemaker is it’s impossible to please everyone.

Trying to please everyone and ensure they like everything not only is impossible for me, it’s actually detrimental to my children. Real life is not simply doing only that which we like when we like to do it. There are things I must do everyday that I do not like because I know it is what is best for others as well as ultimately what is best for me. (Changing diapers is just one of may I can think of – I don’t like doing it, but its good for me and for my kid).

That is why Jennifer Walker’s article “Your Preschooler Doesn’t Have to ‘Like’ it” is a must read for every parent. It cuts through all the antics to the heart of the matter. While we parents what our kids to avoid tough stuff in life, the reality is those very same tough circumstances help build and develop their character.

The truth is, if we can teach our kids how to face the things they do not like, we prepare them to experience more out of life. We prepare them to push through the hard things to get to the good things.

Jennifer Walker

Enjoy the article and instead of asking the “Did you like…” question of your child, try talking about “why it’s important to still do especially when you don’t like it”. I’d love to hear what things you didn’t like doing at the moment but you can look back on now and recognize the need for doing them. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash