Good works. This was where the conversation turned half way through our lunch. The meat-lovers pizza was half eaten, water cups half full, and conversation fully engaging. This is when my friend and I began to dialogue about good works. Specifically were we talking through some finer points of how that plays into our destiny. And to be honest, it was a nuanced conversation.

What makes a good work, “good”? This was the question we debated over. It was a bit philosophical but so practical. Determining and defining “good” is not just a metaphysical discussion with no pragmatic impact. My friend and I quickly agreed what one believes to be “good” will drive not only your actions and behaviors but also your desires, pursuits, and hopes. This is not true just for us personally but also the larger community we find ourselves in. Determining what is good has immense impact on a society or culture’s idea of morality.

If the majority in any given society or culture come to the idea that morality is not rooted in anything outside of themselves, then that society or culture becomes the final arbiter of what is moral.

James Emery White

This idea of morality, eventually drove us to the question James Emery White’s article is titled: “Do You Need God to Be Good?“. Have you ever asked that question or heard it asked? In an ever increasing secular environment this question will continue to be asked.

How would you respond to this question? I’d love to hear your thoughts and input. Enjoy the article and White’s answer. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!