Ever read a story you thought you knew the ending of and realized there was another chapter? The 2020 United States Presidential election has been a slow, grueling, and debated process. Over the past few days the whole picture is slowly being clarified. Anytime I think we have the full story, another chapter begins. The story is still unfolding.

There is danger in not knowing the whole story. Decisions can be made that compromise the future goal. Issues can arise that cause deep distress if not kept in context of the end. Keeping the entire story in mind is key to any good story. The same is true for following Jesus.

Part of the problem is we may not understand the whole gospel.

Craig Etheredge

Forgetting part of the good news can turn out to be very bad news. This is the truth of the gospel. It is a story and message that needs to be experienced in full. But that might require more than we originally think. Craig Etheredge does a great job of showing how not understanding the whole gospel can turn good news into terrible news, in his article “The Rest of the Gospel“.

While the 2020 Presidential election may still remain somewhat unclear at the time of this article, I find joy in knowing the whole gospel has been revealed clearly. The good news God has proclaimed to us is most clearly seen in His Son Jesus Christ. I hope you consider the gospel story, the entire story!

As always I’d love to hear your feedback on the article. Leave a comment below. For now, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day and have a great weekend.