Countless drops of ink, innumerable strokes of the keyboard, and an immeasurable amount of words have been spoken on this subject. Honestly, I have refrained from saying or writing anything publicly because there are so many voices proclaiming much of what I am thinking or processing myself. Not only that, but the contentious responses so quickly given (especially on social media) reenforce a belief that is becoming more entrenched in my heart and thinking…the most meaningful and productive conversations are personal interactions between two individuals or smaller groups.

I am not saying talking about politics or posting about them publicly is wrong or not worth while. Do those things, but have as many if not more personal conversations at the same time. One issue I have observed during this political season among followers of Jesus is a tendency to one of two positions. The one outlook says “we must speak up boldly, often, and as loudly as anyone to proclaim our political persuasion”. The other perspective says “we as Christians should not even talk about or care much about politics”. I think both are deeply flawed perspectives.

It’s easy to feel torn as a Christ follower. In fact, you should feel torn.

James Emery White

There is so much to be read, listened to, and said on this subject. I am not attempting to add anything earth shattering to the conversation. But as I have read, listened, and interacted about the subject of politics more than ever before in my life, I kept looking for some sort of foundation to rest on. A clear lens to come back to and look through to reacclimate myself. And while ultimately Scripture, God’s Word, has been and must be that for any follower of Jesus, I appreciated James Emery White’s article “On Being a Political Christian“.

In the article, Emery offers 3 dynamics to keep in mind on how to be a political Christian. All three are excellent reminders, however #3 takes the cake for me. I believe it is one area that we as followers of Jesus are failing all too often! Which of the three dynamics do you appreciate most? I would love to hear from you. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day. And if you want a bit more on the subject or are more of a listener than reader check out Emery’s series “Where Angels Fear to Tread“.