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The DC Mayor Doesn’t Get to Define Church

Leadership is difficult on any given day, but it seems as though 2020 has heightened that hardship. It has seemed especially so in my leadership context of a church.

This is Church

I wish I could say this was a stand-alone instance, but the reality is I have had numerous conversations where I walked away bewildered at what people believed "church" to be.

The Rest of the Gospel

Ever read a story you thought you knew the ending of and realized there was another chapter? Forgetting part of the good news can turn out to be very bad news.

On Being a Political Christian

One issue I have observed during this political season among followers of Jesus is a tendency to one of two positions. I think both are deeply flawed perspectives.

The Original 2020 is History

6 months. 185 days. 4,440 hours. This is how long we have been in the "new normal" also known as 2020 since COVID hit. Speaking honestly, this has lasted way longer than I ever expected...

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