I walked into the room and had no idea what had happened! Coloring utensils were all over the floor. Papers were shredded and distributed throughout the room. There were 3 pairs of scissors out and laying open. The biggest concern was that the 3 children in the room all claimed they had no idea how it happened. Of course, as I pressed each one began to break the story down in a different way. The oldest said it was the youngest, the youngest said it was the middle child, and the middle child began to cry. What was I to do?

Have you ever found yourself in that type of situation? You find yourself in the middle of a situation seeking to discern what is going on and how to respond appropriately. You are a manager and are emailed the monthly report, trying to break down what has been going on. You’re a student looking at the report card assessing what you have been doing well and where you need to improve. You’re the Christ follower observing the news, headlines, and social media post seeking clarity on the realities of the world and how to live in light of them.

“Knowing the signs of the times and how then to live has to be the most pressing challenge facing any life.”

James Emery White

This is the challenge the men of Issachar are known for in the Bible. It’s a unique comment and brief commentary on one group of people within the Old Testament people of Israel. James Emery White explores “The Men of Issachar” and what we can learn from them. It’s an interesting comment of Scripture and highly applicable and needed in our day. The men of Issachar exemplify one trait I believe our culture is often missing, and that to our detriment.

I would love to hear your reaction and thoughts on the article and the quality that these group of people exhibited in their time. How can we exhibit it? What would that look like today in the 21st Century? As always enjoy the article and be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash