The grout in the backsplash of my kitchen sink had been discolored for some time. But now the grout line that merged the countertops to the backsplash was disintegrating. There were cracks in it. Chunks were beginning to dislodge. That particular line of grout was no longer an off white, but more like a dark gray. Needless to say I had to address the issue. But I wasn’t sure how. So I asked the expert (no not youtube), my brother in law.

He had just done a major kitchen remodel. Contracts did some of the larger aspects of the job, but he took on a few of the smaller ones – such as the backsplash. So I asked his advice when they came in for a visit. First, he looked at it, poked around a bit, and then began to educate me. He told me of why grout is used and the pros and cons of it. He showed me why it had discolored and began to break down. Finally, he got to the good stuff – how to address the issue. He suggested using silicone caulking, clear to be exact. I wasn’t sure if caulking was a good choice, or if clear was the right way to go, but I trusted his advice. Why? Simple – I trusted him.

“While I could give many reasons to support the essential trustworthiness of the Bible, perhaps the most important reason is simple…”

Peter Krol

The same is true when it comes to the Bible. If one is unfamiliar with the overall layout, context, background, story, and other aspect of the Scriptures it can seem daunting to understand and grasp. Quite honestly, there are even times when reading the Bible it looks like it has cracks, apparent contradictions, and is discolored and out of touch with modern day living. However, just like my grout issue – while I may not know why the clear silicone caulking was the best choice – an issue of understanding the Bible does not have to undermine my trust in it or my entire faith. Why? Because there is someone I trust who trusts the Bible.

That is the entire point of Peter Krol’s article “Why You Can Trust the Bible“. I think one’s trust in the Bible is a foundational issue not just to religion, but to faith and life as a whole. I personally have had many conversations with friends, family members, and others discussing if the Bible is trustworthy or not. While there are many reasons I give for trusting that God has spoken accurately, clearly, and sufficiently through the Bible, one reason is at the foundation. This reason is what Peter talks about and it comes down to someone I trust, trusted it.

Enjoy the article! I would love to hear from you as to why you trust or do not trust the Bible. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day. Until next time…

Photo by Elena Putina on Unsplash