Moving is rough! There is the month or more of packing all your material blessings into boxes. You have to touch every last thing you own and determine to chuck it, give it, or box it. It’s emotionally taxing. But then moving day comes and you see every last piece of furniture and earthly possessions you own in one moving truck. That day is physically exhausting. And the final stage of moving is unpacking all the aforementioned belongings and finding a new place for each of them. It is mentally demanding. Moving takes a toll emotionally, physically, and mentally, but doing it with five kids also takes a toll relationally.

We just moved homes in the last month, during COVID. This took a toll on each and every relationship we have within our family. There was lots of change, loss of routine, and relearning rhythm involved for all of us. Cutting words were spoken. Voices were raised. Apologies were issued. Forgiveness was in high demand. But we learned a lot. We learned about each other, ourselves, and our need to lean into each other in times of tension. But most of all I learned about how my kids are different than me. They are from a different generation. They have and are affected by stuff in distinct ways from me.

..there is a generational mark that COVID will leave behind.

James Emery White

Moving in the midst of COVID took its toll on my family. But the reality is the last year has taken a toll on us all. It’s had joys and heartaches. Moments of intense relief and constant frustration. But there have been some truths we have all learned through it (or should have) as well. James Emery White shares a few observations in his article “Meet Generation C“. He has some very intriguing thoughts on how the pandemic have or will shape my children’s generation.

As if COVID wasn’t enough to teach me I still have so much to learn on how best to parent, moving in the midst of it sure amplified that recognition. The 4 ways White highlights that Generation C will be different from other generations is insightful, but his bottom line was an eye opener for me. How about you? What did you enjoy about the article? What did you disagree with? As always, I’d love to hear from my readers and remember to be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

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Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash