Insurance is a weird thing. You are required to have it if you drive a vehicle. It is something you must have to get a mortgage. And it’s a really good idea to have if you have loved ones you may leave behind if you were to unexpectedly die. Insurance is like the safety net they put out at the circus for trapeze artists. Seemingly unnecessary until it’s necessary.

Insurance isn’t the only thing that “no one notices until it’s not there”. Heat in your house during winter is another. Your house being a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit goes completely unnoticed until it’s 5 degrees outside and the vents are no longer blowing hot air. But there is another important item that is often assumed to be present until it is not. Unfortunately, it seems as though this item is on the decline. Not only is it on the decline, but if one possesses it one may be seen as less virtuous than the other. What is it? A Christian mind.

There is even a sense that an undeveloped mind is more virtuous than one prepared for battle.

James Emery White

Thinking is a necessary act for life. We must do it for almost any activity in life. The question is: how well will or do we think? This is especially so for those who call themselves followers of Jesus. The development of a Christian mind cannot be overstated today. This is why I have appreciated James Emery White’s repeated call for it but especially enjoy it in his article “The Call for a Christian Mind“.

Calling for someone to develop a Christian mind can come across like trying to compel someone to purchase insurance. Unnecessary, a nice safety net, or even something that “may” come in handy. However, just like insurance, without a Christian mind, it may just take one “unforeseen incident” to cause irreparable damage or harm.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading the article. I’d love to hear what you enjoyed or disagreed with White’s take on the Christian mind. Regardless of your view of how important the mind is, I encourage you to always be learning, growing, and developing your mind. A great way to do that from a Christian worldview is through free online courses, helpful articles, and ongoing training. You can find a plethora of development resources on my church’s website.

And don’t forget to be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Until Next Time…

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash