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How Should We Disagree with Others? (02/17/23)

We've all been there before. Disagreement rears its' head and your emotional thermostat begins to rise. Your internal temperature begins to increase. It feels as if your face is getting more red by the minute and your heart is beating at an accelerated rate.

The Call for a Christian Mind (01/06/23)

Insurance is a weird thing. Insurance is like the safety net they put out at the circus for trapeze artists. Seemingly unnecessary until it's necessary. Insurance isn't the only thing that "no one notices until it's not there".

How Should a Christian View the Government? (12/02/22)

Some might say parenting. Others might say religion. However, there is one topic that almost everyone can agree on that seems to conjure up an argument and disgruntled discourse quicker than Usain Bolt can get down the track.

5 Steps for Connecting (or Reconnecting) with a Church (09/09/22)

The internet and Youtube is a DIYer's best friend, especially when you don't know how. Just like remodeling a bathroom or baking cookies, sometimes the problem is not knowing what to do, but how to do it.

How Should We View the Church (02/11/22)

There are so many areas of life where I struggle to find the healthy tension of two realities. But I have seen people struggle with the juxtaposing realities of one subject more than ever over the past few years. That subject is...

Live not by Outrage (10/29/31)

Anger and outrage can be good attributes - don't hear what I am not saying - but I think there are appropriate reasons and outlets for such emotions. However, with the rise of the internet and ease of access to an instant audience, it appears the more opportunities one is given to voice your opinion the more outrage comes with it.

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