My to-do list was long, my schedule was packed and any time I had seemed fleeting. It was one of those weeks where I had too much to do and too little time. About mid-week, I came to the realization I was not going to get everything done as I had hoped in the amount of time I had left in the week. So what was I to do? Prioritize. I spent the next 30 minutes prioritizing the list of things I needed to get done. Then I began working down that priority list, starting with the highest priorities first.

The older I get the more clear it becomes to me that life is about prioritizing the right thing. When I have my priorities right, the things that matter most get done. But I’m also finding that when I prioritize my life correctly, even the secondary aspects of life get accomplished as well. James Clear writes about this concept in his book Atomic Habits. Doing the best things first often comes with the blessing of getting other good things done as well. Parenting operates on the same principles.

“Parents have a lot on their plates these days.”

James Emery White

Parenting has always been hard. It will always be hard. And there will always be blessings and hardships involved. There are so many things we want for our kids. But how do we know what to prioritize and when and how? James Emery White has an excellent article entitled “Parenting Priorities“. In it, he shares a number of concerns we can have as parents. He also shares some recent surveys showing top things we want for our kids. But then he concludes with the greatest reminder ever…”And rumor has it that it might just help out with your other concerns,…”. Check out the article to see what “it” is that might help with your other parenting concerns.

There is so much to do and things to pass on to our children. So many dreams we want for them. But prioritizing the importance of those desires will drive our day-to-day activity, conversations, and interactions with our kids. So, as parents, we must ask ourselves, what is the greatest truth we must pass on to our children. What do you think it is? Why do you think that? How can you remain focused and intentional about that in the mundane, routine schedule of life?

As always I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this article? How did you prioritize your parenting? What are you prioritizing in your parenting? How does it show in your schedule? As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Until Next Time…