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In Praise of the Ordinary Fathers Making an Extraordinary Difference (06/18/21)

There was not an event in my life I could remember where he was not present. So my fathers perceived absence from my game was troubling. It really was his presence I craved and desired, regardless of how close or far away he was. This was especially true for my sports games.

Feature Friday (04/27/18)

I can still remember the day, time, place, and emotions of that day. It changed my life. It changed the lives of many I knew. And it changed the life of my entire family. I had been told that such... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/2/17) A few days late

It's not often that I miss posting on Friday, but every once in while there are experiences in life that interrupt and cause us to push everything else aside. Thus, was the case for me this past week. The world... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (4/4/14)

Continuing in my parenting theme of feature Friday post, here is one about being a dad. While relative new to this father role myself, these statements are ones I know I will need. I think #1 I will enjoy using... Continue Reading →

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