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Six Questions You Should Ask at the Beginning of 2023 (12/30/22)

It always feels like a fresh start. The new year brings with it ample opportunity for restarting, renewing, and refocusing on what we would like to be focused on.

Happy New Year!

With the beginning of any new year comes the potential for new challenges, new opportunities, and new growth. If we learned anything this past year it's that despite our circumstances there will always be opportunity for growth. But growth doesn't come without effort and intentionality.

5 Reasons You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing (Feature Friday 12/20/19)

I've been doing it for the past 4 years faithfully now. When I began doing it, the process was clunky, unnatural, painstaking. It took me far greater time to figure out how I would do it, than the time to... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (01/17/19)

Ever just feel like you are going through life? Day after day of typical mundane life stuff. Routine, followed by routine, followed by routine. It's kind of like driving a car but having no idea where you are going. There... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (01/04/19)

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe, but 2019 has rolled on in. 2018 is gone, never to return again. Out with the old and in with the new. And with every new year, there are always new resolutions, commitments,... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (12/28/18)

As I sit in a recliner at the house I grew up in I can't help but reflect on years past. I recall riding around this town on my bicycle exploring every nook and cranny this place had to offer.... Continue Reading →

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