Ever just feel like you are going through life? Day after day of typical mundane life stuff. Routine, followed by routine, followed by routine. It’s kind of like driving a car but having no idea where you are going. There seems to be plenty of movement, but almost no momentum.

While I am not in such a season right now, I have been in the past. I was doing all sorts of great activity and enjoying a lot of it, but I was constantly asking myself and others, where is this going. What is the destination we are going for? What’s the goal? I realized then, personally, the reason was a lack of vision or a long-range view of life.

What I wanted was some excitement about the future, integration of all areas of my life, and to focus my attention in one major direction. I desired, needed, and began to work on a strategic vision personally for my life. However, having a strategic vision (also known as intentionality) is vitally important as an organizational leader as well. So if you’re a leader to any degree, small or large, check out Tommy Bowman’s article “3 Roles A Strategic Vision Plays“.

I hope you find the article encouraging, challenging, and directing and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!