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For the Heart That is Overwhelmed (10/07/22)

Overwhelm: to overcome completely in mind or feeling; to overpower or overcome, especially with superior forces; to cover or bury beneath a mass of something. I don't like the overwhelming feeling. I'm not sure if anyone does. But the thing I hate most is what overwhelm reveals in me.

Beware the Deadly Weed of Cynicism (02/18/22)

I hate weeds. I despise that they exist. I loathe pulling them. I abhor anything to do with them. They replicate faster than rabbits. They spread quicker than wildfire. Everything about weeds is despicable, which is why weeds are a great analogy to...

How to Lead Through Rapid Change (Feature Friday 03/20/20)

Leaders have had to not only manage themselves and their own families, they have had the unprecedented battle of leading others through this rapidly changing time. The question has and may very well continue to be...

Feature Friday 08/18/17

There was water everywhere! All over the floor, the walls, even the ceiling had some droplets hanging tight on it. I knew where the water had come from, where it would eventually end up at, and why it was important... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/13/15)

Turn on the radio to almost any station, listen long enough, and you will almost inevitably hear some song about listening to or following your heart. I can't help but hear the "Listen to Your Heart" song by D.H.T. The... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (9/13/13)

Helping Little Hearts Overcome Sin - As a new father this was an encouraging and challenging article. Too often in our culture, and unfortunately the church as well, we excuse children's sinful habits with excuses and justifications. Good article on... Continue Reading →

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