There was water everywhere! All over the floor, the walls, even the ceiling had some droplets hanging tight on it. I knew where the water had come from, where it would eventually end up at, and why it was important to get it cleaned up and cleaned up fast. But the most important question in my head and on my heart at the point, was how? How am I going to get all this water cleaned up? How am I going to keep it from flowing into the hallway? How am I going to get it off the ceiling?

The point of all of these questions was not about results, it was about process. It was about method. It was about heart. This is the same thing all leaders must face at some point. Which is more important: results or heart? Is the most important thing to get results? Or is the attitude and posture of my heart of utmost importance? While most leaders know and give lip service to heart being the most important still results seem to threaten it everyday. This is why Aaron Buer’s article “The Biggest Threat to Being a Great Ministry Leader” is such a vital role for any leader at any level.

Enjoy the article, and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day!

*Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash