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Empty = Extraordinary

Empty can mean many things, but it is also something extraordinary.

About that Horoscope App (Feature Friday 05/01/20)

A desire for hope is engrained into us as human beings, but looking for hope in the wrong place can lead us into a more hopeless situation.

Feature Friday (12/29/17)

It's Friday afternoon. I sit in my office contemplating the meaning of hope. What is it? How does it impact my life? And what do I put my hope in? It seems like every end of the year I go... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (5/23/14)

A conversation with a coworker this week led to a discussion on the gospel and the importance of the good news of Jesus Christ in all aspects of the Christian life: from spiritual rebirth to physical death. However, the discussion... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us again. Lights are up, trees are being cut down, and gifts are being bought. But in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the real reason for the season is often lost. Now, I... Continue Reading →

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