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The Church Is You So the Church Will Be like You

While the culture around us certainly cast judgment and condemnation every which way, the challenge to my heart during this time is for the church. Those who are followers of Jesus Christ.

Feature Friday (04/27/18)

I can still remember the day, time, place, and emotions of that day. It changed my life. It changed the lives of many I knew. And it changed the life of my entire family. I had been told that such... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/3/17)

I'm sorry. These two little words, when withheld, have the power to change mediocre to awful. These two little words, when spoken, have the power to redeem a horrible situation. Yet it is these two little words that seem so... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/21/16)

Tug of war. Remember that game? As a child it is a fun game of back and forth until someone finally outlast and out powers the other. But imagine an eternal game of tug of war? Sounds exhausting right? Reality... Continue Reading →

Discipleship: How Jesus Made Disciples

Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples”. This was Jesus’ final command to his disciples as He left this earth to return to the Father in heaven—five simple words that form one small statement. But this final command of... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/3/14)

Sorry for not having posted a Feature Friday for quite some time. Without further apology or excuse making here is one to enjoy! I am still working greatly on all of these, but #6 and #7 I am constantly working... Continue Reading →

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